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NOTE: be aware of the difference between coins that are found in excavations (stray or in hoards) and the ones in museums/on the market


Introductions and general works

Museum catalogs and designated journals

Collection and excavation coins from the east

A selection of excavation coins and hoards from the Levant

Additional resources

A bibliography of Islamic coins by Michael Bates, 2010

Numismatic Bibliography by Michael Bates, 2020 Bates numismatic bibliography 20200430

A bibliography of world coins by Jim Farr


Scholars of the field- pages

Micahel Bates

Arianna D’Ottone Rambach

Stefan Heidemann

Luke Treadwell

Weights, stamps and seals

Balog, Paul, 1976. Umayyad, ʿĀbbasid and Ṭūlūnid Glass Weights and Vessel Stamps, Numismatic Studies 13, New York: the American Numismatic Society.

Amitai-Preiss, Nitzan, 2015. “What Happened in 155/771-72? The Testimony of Lead Seals”, in: Daniella Talmon-Heller and Katia Cytryn-Silverman (eds.), Material Evidence and Narrative Sources, Leiden and Boston: Brill, 71-86.

Databases/ collections/ images


Link to further numismatics resources on the FLAME webpage:

Firestone’s coin collection database:

Zeno- Oriental Coins Database:

Coins of al-Andalus in the Tonegawa Collection

Historical articles

Heidemann, Stefan (2010), “The Evolving Representation of the Early Islamic Empire and its Religion on Coin Imagery”, in: A. Neuwirth, N. Sinai and M. Marx, eds, The Qurʾān in Context, Leiden: Brill, 149–197.

Heidemann, Stefan (2011), “The Representation of the Early Islamic Empire and Its Religion on Coin Imagery”, in: Albrecht Fuess and Jan-Peter Hartung, eds, Court Cultures in the Muslim World: Seventh to Nineteenth Centuries, London: Routledge, 30–53.