Sassanian seals

Sassanian seals and bullae

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  1. Ahmad Saeedi Collection
  2. Amān-ar-Raḥmān  Collections in Dubai and Islamabad
  3. Bibliothéque National de France: collection of Sasanian seals and bullae
  4. Bibliothéque National et du Musée du Louvre: collection of Sasanian seals and bullae
  5. Bullae from the Pahlavi Archive at the University of California, Berkeley
  6. Institute of History of the Turkmenistan Academy of Science, Ashgabat: 39 bullae [more than 100 bullae found from Aq-tepe in southern Turkmenistan in 1963-78. The site was excavated by A.G. Gubaev. These bullaes are dated to late 6th-first half of the 7th century CE. most of them disappeared. These bullaes show the presence of the Sasanian administration in Marw, Sarakhs and Abivard till the Arab arrival].
  7. Khoy Collection: 164 objects of which 154 are Sasanian bullae (it contains some of lost Moshiri’s bullase)
  8. Mohsen Foroughi Collection of Sasanian Seals and bullae
  9. Moshiri Collection of Sasanian seals
  10. New discovered bullae from Artashat , Armenia: 870  (87 bullae from this collection arrived in August 26, 2017  to the University of California, Irvine)
  11. Sasanian Seals in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York


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