Welcome to the survey of Islamic Archaeology literature!

As there are not yet online databases in our discipline, the interested reader must browse multi-period journals according to modern states (e.g. Lebanon) and modern regions (e.g. the Levant); or search for specific topics (e.g. Islamic coins, mosques).

The list below is similarly ordered according to topics and to regions, followed by general works.

This list focuses on ‘Islamic Archaeology’ and not on ‘Islamic Art‘, but the research questions and publications of the two disciplines often overlap. Very briefly, archaeology is the evidence to past human activity in context. The results are obtained through excavations and surveys (on land and sea) and by various remote sensing techniques.

Specific topics

Portable artifacts: glass, pottery, textile, coins and other


Water installations

The Desert Castles


Modern regions and states

North Africa and Spain

East and West Africa

The Arabian Peninsula

The Levant, Egypt and Iraq

Turkey, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe

Iran and Central Asia

General works

General journals

Journal of Islamic Archaeology

Journal of Material Cultures in the Muslim World

BASOR: Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research


Introductions to Islamic Archaeology

Early Islam (7th-11th centuries) or Middle-Period Islam (12th-15th centuries):

Milwright, Marcus, 2010. An Introduction to Islamic Archaeology, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Whitcomb, Donald (ed.), 2004, Changing Social Identity with the Spread of Islam: Archaeological Perspectives, Chicago: University of Chicago. Download here.

Walker, Bethany, Insoll, Timothy, and Corisande Fenwick (eds.), 2021. The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Archaeology, Oxford University Press.

Walmsley, Alan, 2000. “Production, Exchange and Regional Trade in the Islamic East Mediterranean: Old Structure, New Systems?”, in: Inge Lyse Hansen and Chris Wickham (eds.), The Long Eighth Century, Leiden: Brill, 265-343.

Other resources

The Levantine Ceramics Project

Open-archaeo: a list of open source archaeological software and resources

An overview of German excavations over the world

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